Artistic Beginnings in Africa

Creative Philosophy

"For me, art is emotion emanating from the soul. As a mode of self-expression, I chose to represent myself through a specific style of painting that appears at times incomplete as if unfinished. In this way, I am transferring to canvas my belief that everything in this world is fundamentally fractional and impermanent ."

Joe was born and raised in the city of Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Despite its troubled political and economic history, DRC has a rich, vibrant culture and an active artistic community.

Joe attended École des Beaux Arts in Kinshasa. A contemporary African artist. his style is a mix of powerful abstract and semi-impressionistic figurative technique. Working primarily in acrylic, Joe is deeply inspired by traditional African identities and the depiction of the African woman. By portraying market scenes and capturing mundane daily interactions, Joe explores the patterns of relationships at the heart of African society.

In 2014, Joe traveled to Kigali, Rwanda to pursue broader artistic opportunities. There, he met his partner-now-wife Sarah Manion. Joe and Sarah opened a small art gallery in Kigali showcasing works from both owners. The gallery, known as “Tongo”, became a popular art destination in Rwanda.

In addition to his gallery work, Joe was commissioned by American fashion brand Kate Spade & Co to paint several large-scale exterior and interior murals to brighten their Rwanda-based production facility. He also exhibited work at the American Embassy and participated in many local art events.

In October of 2015, Joe and Sarah moved to the United States to Sarah’s hometown of Brewster on Cape Cod. His first time out of Africa, Joe is adjusting to life stateside. He is enjoying learning English and exploring the Cape during his first winter and spring. Meanwhile, he continues to paint and integrate new experiences and influences into his art. 


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